Organizational development

Our team of professionals supports you through the development of your organization.

By its very nature, organizational development presupposes change. Whether the change aims at gearing a business for growth or at turning it around, the fact remains that it represents a considerable source of stress and uncertainty.

Businesses can face all sorts of challenges associated with, for example:

  • Performance
  • Psychological health
  • Work efficiency

However, before efficient solutions can be deployed in response to these challenges, the various contributing factors must be identified.

We offer the following services:

  • Organizational diagnosis
    • Organizational structure and work organization
    • Work atmosphere
    • HR function
  • Organizational structure development or redesign
  • Drafting or amendment of policies and procedures (employee manual, interview guide, performance management, etc.)
  • Employee handbook development
  • Streamlining of resources through the assessment of workloads
  • Quality of work life improvement process
  • Drafting or adjustment of job descriptions, roles and responsibilities
  • Team-building activities
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